What are Friends for?
The Friends' organisation (FESPA) is a body of volunteers which exists to welcome, cherish and support the people who provide our theatres at Aldeburgh and Southwold and throughout East Suffolk. We do this by:

Publicising the productions by helping to distribute posters and programme fliers.

Raising funds which are used to support theatre in East Suffolk and to financial help for performing arts students.

Seeking out new ways to identify and satisfy the theatrical needs of people in the locality.

Friends receive newsletters in the autumn (at the end of the Summer Theatre season), in the spring (giving advance information about the coming programme and in early summer (with a detailed update on the Suffolk Summer Theatre season ahead.

Friends enjoy the privilege of being able to reserve seats for performances in Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatres before booking is opened to the public and to receive a small discount on ticket prices. They are also welcomed at our social get-togethers and meetings.

All Friends are encouraged to become 'Active Friends' and to lend a hand with our activities, whether it is, stuffing envelopes, distributing mailers, helping at our annual fete or volunteering for front-of-house duty in the theatres.

FESPA membership is £12.50 per person per year and, if you would like to add a donation towards our charitable work in addition, that will be most welcome. Please note that our financial year begins on 1st April. However, if you join FESPA after January, we will not ask you to pay again that year!

If you would like to play a part in FESPA, please click here for a membership form which you can print out and post with your subscription to the address shown. (The form will open as a PDF in a new window. When you have finished printing, simply exit the window to return here.)



The annual fund-raising draw takes place at the FESPA fete at Westons in early July.
Our annual draw is one of the most valuable means at our disposal to raise funds for FESPA.


TEL: 01502 723680. sidi.scott33@gmail.com