A lady's gotta do what a lady does
This Lady does what she loves and she does because
She wants to keep theatre alive for those halcyon days
And in doing it her way the Lady's staged dozens of plays.

I'm reviewing - all the seasons
From eighty-four to two thousand and eight.
The plays were chosen - for lots of reasons
Now I'll get on with it 'fore it gets too late;

There was Charlie Brown, Importance
Inspector Calls, Maria Marten,
Love's a Luxury, Blithe Spirit, House on Cliff
O My Papa, Holiday,
All for Mary, Unexpected Guest, Mr Pym, Murder
Without crime.
Covers the first and second years!

Then came Lady or the Tiger,
The Late Edwina Black, As Good Cooks Go,
Sailor Beware, The Glass Menag'rie, Relatively Speaking;
Farndale Ladies,
Gaslight, Pack of Lies, and Ten Times Table,
And now we come to nineteen eighty-eight!

With Charlie's Aunt,and Rita
Rosie and The Hollow,
Barefoot in the Park,
She Stoops to Conquer, Boyfriend,
Alphabetical Order, Wait Till Dark, George and Marg'ret,
Say Who Y'Are, Man F'11 Seasons,
Completes the nineteen-eighties for Jill Freud and Co.

And so we arrive at a new decade ..
With Farndale Ladies again in the Scottish Play,
Duet for One, Stepping Out in which yours truly appears
Pink String, and Lloyd George completed this first nineties year...

Then came Snoopy, See How They Run, Table Manners,
Miracle Worker, and Sleuth,
Out of the Croc'dile, Bedroom Farce,
Quiet Weekend, Wanted One Body. ...Strewth!

The Kingfisher and Sinderby,
Happiest Days and Simple Man,
Habeas Corpus, Building Blocks, and Eden End,
Dangerous Obsession,Salad Days, Five Finger Exer-
Cise. Hay Fever, Ladies in Retirement,
How The Other Half Loves.

A Chorus Of Disapproval, Plaza Suite,
Flare Path and A Voyage Round My Pa,
Dial M for Murder,
Noises Off,Suddenly At Home,
Chiltern Hundreds, Spring and Port Wine,

Then Corps, A Funny Thing Happened ,
On The Way to, Home at Seven,
Joking Apart,Great Expectations,
Business of Murder, Rookery Nook and Shirley
Valentine, Dang'rous Corner, Taking Step Deathtrap
Brings us up to nineteen ninety-nine.

Sailor Beware for the second time,
Then The Steps of which there were Thirty-Nine!
Hindle Wakes, A Passionate Woman,
Man Of the Moment, Mr Cinders next in Line.

Then Night Must Fall, Out of Order, Jane Eyre,
Time and Time Again, The Ghost Train,
The Old Ladies, Kissing Cousins, Winslow Boy, Before Midnight,
When We're Married, Double Double,
Funny Money, Pack of Lies (again)
Absent Friends makes Ayckbourne number eight.

Stepping Out (with me again)
Neville's Island, Murder Misadventure,
Important Ernest once again,
Don't Look Now, Absurd Person Singular .
Hobson's Choice, Growing Old
Disgracefully,Tons of Money, Dames at Sea,
Wait 'til Dark, Charlie's Aunt (both again)
Death in Act Two, Outside Edge, Twelve Pound Look, The Browning Version, Relatively Speaking (again)
Arsenic and Lace
and Dick Barton-Special Agent!

One For the Pot, Climbing the Wall,
Private Lives and Salad Days (again)
Murder Mistaken, See How They Run (again)
The Lady Vanishes, and last but not least
We come to Bedroom Farce once again!