The Friends of East Suffolk Performing Arts (FESPA) was registered as a Charity in 2007. It has two aims - a general one and a specific one...

Our general objective is to promote and facilitate a healthy and vigorous performing arts scene within East Suffolk for the benefit of our community.

Our more specific goal is to encourage and support education in the performing arts for people in this area.

FESPA has evolved out of a thriving group of some 800 theatre enthusiasts - or Friends - centred on the Southwold and Aldeburgh Summer Theatres. The latter is a co-operative, not-for-profit repertory initiative which, for nearly 30 years was run by Jill Freud.

The decision to apply for charitable status reflected a growing awareness that a group as enthusiastic and effective as the Friends has proved itself to be, should begin to set its sights on a broader platform in the interests of the cultural well-being of the communities of East Suffolk.

For the background and history of the Friends and a more detailed account of FESPA's charitable remit, click here.

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Darrell Brockis and Michael Shaw in 'Don't Dress for Dinner' in a recent Summer Theatre season



The FESPA annual garden party - A chance for Friends and acting company to get together.

Our annual fete on Southwold Common is our biggest fund-raiser





Issue 61 (Autumn 2018) of FESPA NEWS is now online here

We are very sad to record the death in July 2018 of our President, Margaret Chadd, MBE, at the age of 96. Margaret was the founder in 1996 of the original Friends of the Summer Theatres which later became the charity, FESPA.

We are also sorry to announce the death in September 2018 of another of our founder members, Jack Clayton.





This site is intended both as an information resource for Friends and as a means of promoting FESPA's aims and achievements to a wider audience.

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If you are a Friend already and would like to take a more active role in FESPA activities, we would love to hear from you.

If you like what you see here and would like to support FESPA, either financially or in kind, please get in touch.

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